Mesothelioma: What Is It? How To Get Rid of It?

mesothelioma what is it
Mesothelioma: What Is It? How To Get Rid of It?

Mesothelioma: What Is It? How To Get Rid of It? Mesothelioma is a major health problem that we can experience in the very middle part of our body. Unfortunately, there is limited information on the Internet about Mesothelioma, which causes dysfunction in the region of our lungs and rib cage and hence adversely affects the overall health of our body. Therefore, we tried to give general information about this subject in today’s article. You can find more information about the most frequently asked questions about Mesothelioma. People who experience pain in a particular area of the lung often begin to suspect Mesothelioma disease. If you feel such pain in your own body, you should definitely go to the doctor to check.

Can Mesothelioma Spread Other Parts of the Body?

Mesothelioma is a very severe disease. This disease affects the lung in general. The working performance of the lung, on the other hand, affects the whole body. So, the answer to Can Mesothelioma Spread Other Parts of the Body is definitely yes. Improperly functioning lung is inadequate to remove carbon dioxide in the body. And of course, as it is known, carbon dioxide in the body is collected in the lung before being thrown out. In addition, poor functioning of this region may cause brain dysfunction. Because the brain needs oxygen to perform many functions in a healthy way. Decreasing oxygen in the blood causes brain functions to be performed more cumbersome. In such a case, it is possible to say that the Mesothelioma problem affects the entire body indirectly.

Here the main parts that mesothelioma can affect:

  1. Lungs
  2. Rib cage
  3. Brain
  4. Heart
  5. All points of the body that function continuously and therefore require energy

Can Mesothelioma Be Prevented?

A disease such as mesothelioma is difficult to prevent. Because of a sudden situation, the body may have shown such dysfunction. In general, the unconscious use of asbestos is known to cause Mesothelioma disease. Therefore, asbestos material is not made available to children and other unconscious individuals, it is very important to prevent mesothelioma. It is really important that individuals exposed to asbestos for professional reasons insist on continuing their working life under the highest health conditions. You can also read our other articles for other symptoms of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma: What Is It? How To Get Rid of It?

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There are three types of mesothelioma: epithelial, sarcomatous and mixed. Despite years of studies, there is no standardized treatment of mesothelioma. It is currently known and accepted that multidisciplinary (combined surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy) treatment should be given to selected patients, with an average chance of success of 40% per year. Especially in epithelial type mesothelioma, surgical treatment combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy increases the success of treatment.
Lung cancer, where smoking is one of the main factors, ranks first in cancer-related deaths.

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